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Energy Solutions
Working for a Better Environment
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All articles in this section

Bringing wave power to Portugal
The renewable fuel technology that just keeps getting better
A new era in AC drives
Smarter really is better when it comes to power generation
More from the sun
Lighting’s easier and better with LED
Everyone benefits from better power quality
Heating and cooling that’s simply more sustainable
Truly intelligent LED lighting
Financing greater energy efficiency in China
Smarter access to cheaper electricity tariffs
Ensuring that scrap never has to end up in a landfill again
Let the robots do the recycling
Got a battery, we can recycle it
A new era in sustainable waste management
A new generation of waste management
Setting the standard for producing SRF
Waste management with a small footprint
Cleantech waste management solution for Mecca
Efficient reverse osmosis calls for the right solution
Cleaner energy and a cleaner environment
A green economy calls for green legal expertise
Keeping things clean the eco-friendly way

Tapping the power of the world’s oceans
Ramping up production of advanced Li-ion power
Wind power is where it’s at
Bio-energy is playing a growing role in sustainable energy
Smart grids are energy’s Internet
Answering the call for cleaner power – with gas
The benefits of better power quality
We don’t waste heat
Smart choices save energy
Drives that deliver
Helping everyone save energy
A better class of lighting
Better-quality light for your greenhouse
At the forefront of process simulation for 25 years
New life for old oil
More sustainable heating and cooling
Optimised air filtration yields real benefits
Better energy management begins at home
The gateway to smarter future networks
Working for a truly ecological, resource-efficient urban future
An advanced platform for profitable and sustainable biorefining
Engineering balanced sustainability
Solutions for industrial, municipal, and natural water
A new way to disinfect water efficiently and cost-effectively
Clean technology for a cleaner environment
You generate the waste, our systems process it
The next level in battery recycling
Waste is a valuable resource, with the right know-how
Making the most of renewable inputs
Economic, ecological waste management
We turn conventional ideas upside down
More information for better site management
We believe in refining waste, not just treating it
Making a success of green commodity markets
Enabling natural resources to be used more sustainably
Committed to indoor air
Partnering up to leverage carbon and renewable value
Helping make the future emission-free
Turning complex environmental issues into manageable solutions
Good ventilation makes all the difference
Boosting the efficiency of global material flows
Optimising process efficiency with high-performance air systems
Making more of steel
More from less
Advanced solutions for gas monitoring
Heavy-duty solutions
Advanced equipment for high-performance industrial thin films
A world-class electric car
Expertise at your service

The best diesel ever
Power for a changing world
Driving on waste
It’s in the wind
Anticipating the unexpected
Slimming things down in the battery world
Charged up and ready to go
District heat from nuclear
Safe final disposal programme on track
Inshore sea power
Making the most of new energy
Energy-efficient flexibility
More sustainable heating solutions
Better gas turbine performance
Better-quality power for better business
Multifunction protection
Making more of carbon and renewable value
Working together for a better, cleaner future
Technology for a cleaner environment
Helping accelerate the transition to a low-carbon future
Cleaning and cooling water using less energy
A modern way to deal with two age-old problems
Integrated solutions for wastewater treatment
Clean air is essential for good indoor environments
A new era in air-cleaning technology
Clean air is something we should all be entitled to
Knowing your nanos
Turning environmental problems into opportunities
Putting nature’s own mechanisms to work
Cleaner, greener, and more efficient
A cleaner environment for future generations
The future of greenhouse climate management
Better urban waste management
Cleaner and more secure
An economical and ecological solution for waste management
Label it and everything’s sorted
Taking battery recycling to a new level
The action is all behind the scenes
Reducing the environmental footprint of electronics manufacturing
Prospecting for gold – from waste
A new generation of slow-speed shredding
Measure it fast and measure it accurately
Problems with VOCs?
Making more of waste heat
When it’s wrapped, it’s protected
Things run smoother when everything’s lubricated
Lighter and more material-efficient
World-class performance polymers and ion exchange resins
Tailored surfaces and functional coatings
Keeping cargo on the move
The only solution you’ll need to keep things pristine

A broad-based generating portfolio
A truly advanced renewable diesel
Joining forces to develop a new fuel
Using waste to produce high-quality ethanol
Cheaper and cleaner – by electric car
A new sustainable energy solutions provider
Comprehensive environmental management
Generate your own electricity – from the wind
The latest in wind power
Harnessing the power of the waves
Can batteries be cleantech?
Optimising the energy value chain
Transformer power where it’s needed
Switching on to innovation
Revamping your protection
Want to be better-insulated?
Introducing the ultimate damper
Keep the heat in and the cold out
The hybrid way to a warm home
Smart meter data management
Advanced remote management
Protecting our most vulnerable natural habitats
Cutting emissions where it counts most
Committed to a cleaner future
We’re all entitled to clean air
Getting out and about to measure urban air quality
Making incineration more effective
Cleaner and more efficient
Comprehensive waste, water, and energy solutions
Keeping on track wirelessly
A better solution for waste management
Cleaner, sweeter-smelling kitchens
Beyond simple filtration
Saving water makes sense
Greener golf

More power from the wind
Lower emissions on our roads
Ethanol from industrial waste
Using CFD to achieve lower emissions
Batteries on a roll
Better technology, less carbon dioxide
Harnessing the power of the sun worldwide
A new generation of battery power
A safe solution for spent nuclear fuel
Power from the waves
Small-scale power from the wind
Keeping it clean
Tapping into new energy resources
Back to basics
Comprehensive protection
Lower energy costs, better profit performance
Advanced remote communication technology for the energy sector
Putting carbon dioxide to work
Protecting our airports
Moving waste disposal underground
Eliminating the VOC problem
Keeping waste out of sight and out of mind
A cleaner world
Using less energy to clean and cool water
Innovative waste processing and recycling
A new generation of mobile shredding