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Even shallow water is not a problem

Kemijoki Aquatic Technology Oy
Kemijoki Aquatic Technology (KAT) is a specialist in surveying waterways and adjacent shore areas and its AquaticSonar technology offers a number of unique benefits compared to more conventional multibeam systems.

KAT’s survey consultancy services have been used by a variety of customers in hydrological research and hydraulic modelling projects, port and channel surveys, environmental planning, and construction projects. The company produces fullcoverage bathymetry data for its waterbed surveys using the AquaticSonar system and simultaneous mobile laser scanning of shore areas to provide significantly extended data coverage.

The AquaticSonar Swathe Surveyor is a wide-angle bathymetric survey system developed by surveyors for surveyors to produce waterbed data from shallow water very efficiently. The system has been used in Scandinavia, other parts of Europe, and China.

Chinese experts, for example, are using AquaticSonar technology to survey the over 6,000 kilometre-long Yangtze to generate data to help prevent flooding, a perennial problem along its banks, monitor the movement of sedimentary material, and enhance the planning of shipping routes.

Highly accurate…

The unique AquaticSonar Swathe Surveyer illuminates wide swathes of water either side of the boat carrying it. Data from its sensor unit provides a very accurate picture of the topography of the river bottom.

The Swathe Surveyor’s unique data processing algorithms generate three kinds of real-time output: interferometric phase difference data, side-scan data, and single beam data. Users can choose any of these options for viewing purposes, and the system collects and retains data from all the other options for post-processing purposes.

The Swathe Surveyor has one innovative design feature that makes it more versatile than any other system available today: the ability to vary the angle of its transducers by remote control without affecting the system’s calibration, thanks to a specially designed deployment frame. The angle selected is logged in the computer and used when processing the sonar information. This capability helps optimise the quality and coverage of data along both the steep slopes found in canals and dams and the gentle slopes found in shallow water close to river banks and shorelines.

…cost-effective, and compact

In addition to its technical advantages, the AquaticSonar Swathe Surveyer is also a very costeffective tool, as it can generate high-resolution data at fast speed over large areas. This helps makes the system the most efficient on the market today, particularly in shallow and very shallow waters. The system is also very compact, and the basic equipment consists of a transducer unit, a connection box, and a laptop with AquaticSonar software. As everything can be fitted into a small trailer-size vessel, it can easily be transported and is immediately ready to be start work without the need for time-consuming set-up routines.

The AquaticSonar Swathe Surveyer enables riverbeds to be modelled rapidly and very accurately, even in shallow water.
(Published in HighTech Finland 2011)