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By combining world-class engineering and manufacturing expertise with mass product customisation capabilities, Confidex has become a leader in industry-standard, passive RFID tags for demanding applications in areas such as retail logistics and public transport.

Confidex is the world’s leading supplier of high-performance contactless ticketing and RFID tag solutions and services for making supply chains, transactions, and the authentication of goods and people more efficient and secure. With a global network of over 100 partners, Confidex serves customers across a broad range of industries in Europe, North America, and Asia, and is a trusted partner for system integrators and end-users of RFID technology worldwide.

Confidex offers a unique combination of world-leading RFID tag and ticket design competence, RF engineering, and materials and manufacturing experience – and can design and produce special RFID tags for applications where standard RFID label solutions are insufficient.

Serving industry, transport…

Confidex’ experience in the retail industry with single-use labels and with re-usable tags in public transport has enabled it to develop a comprehensive offering of special tags and labels that can meet the challenges that face industrial RFID applications, where the expected lifetime of systems can range from a couple of years to decades.

These can be used in variety of applications, ranging from tracking items in retail supply to automotive manufacturing and offshore oil and gas installations. Products like the Confidex Carrier™ are ideal for tracking plastic containers used to transport everything from oranges to car parts; while the Confidex Survivor™ hardtag has become the de-facto tag for tracking large valuable items and vehicles, as well as construction parts and steel pipes.

A high-volume delivery capability, combined with excellent quality – like that offered by Confidex – is essential for supplying public transport companies with automated fare collection applications that can survive the rough and tumble of real-life usage.

Confidex’ contactless RFID tickets for public transport are not only handy because of the speed of use they offer – all you need to do is flash them at a gate – but also because they are secure and versatile, as they can be used as single tickets, return tickets, and even as monthly passes.

Compared to the problems encountered with magnetic strip tickets and their expense, RFID tickets are simpler, safer, and easier to use – and speed up the time needed for people to enter and exit trains and stations.

Confidex is also developing new technologies for emerging applications that require more functionality than passive RFID tags can offer. The ability to sense the surrounding environment and communicate more adaptively with other devices will extend the scope of the company’s technology over the next few years.

A miniature UHF on-metal tag, the Confidex SteelBIT offers unparallel performance for its size and new opportunities for improving the management of computers and other devices that contain valuable information.

> Timo Lindström
(Published in HighTech Finland 2010)