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Better service station management

YIT has been one of Finland’s forerunners in managing buildings and facilities and providing 24/7 service via its Remote Monitoring Centre. One of the new solutions to be recently launched is StationControl, an all-in package designed for the needs of service station networks.
YIT Building and Industrial Services

YIT has build up extensive capabilities and experience in remote building and facility monitoring, and handles day-to-day property management issues, manages alarms, generates reports on areas such as energy usage, and provides 24/7 diagnostics.

Analysing alarm data and optimising system processes can help cut maintenance costs and reduce the need for on-site visits; while reports on system performance and equipment failures provide customers with valuable information on how well existing systems are operating and where to focus future development efforts.


YIT’s new StationControl package gives service stations access to YIT’s remote monitoring and management capabilities. This will be increasingly valuable in the future as environmental monitoring requirements become tougher.

Building on this expertise, YIT has launched a new solution designed specifically for the needs of service stations, called – aptly enough – StationControl.

The new system takes YIT’s previous experienceas a premises manager in the service station sector to a new level. It also gives service stations the capability they will need to monitor their environmental safety and react rapidly and appropriately to incidents such as overfilling under future legislative requirements.

StationControl covers the complete range of operations at a service station location: premises and premises security; restaurant and coffee shop services; station forecourts and car wash units; and remote 24/7 diagnostics.

The premises part of the package manages and monitors things such as electricity usage, lighting, locks and access control, fire alarms, and CCTV monitoring. Restaurant operations covered include cold rooms, refrigerators, and kitchen appliances. StationControl also manages and monitors pumps, fuel storage systems, and car washes.

YIT’s Remote Monitoring Centre handles alarms and remote operations, and provides user support and reporting on areas such as energy usage, and helps improve environmental safety and reduce emissions.

Designed with the needs of different types and sizes of outlets in mind, StationControl makes managing a network easier and more efficient, and ensuring that all outlets offer the same positive brand experience to customers. By bringing different systems and subsystems under one ‘roof’, StationControl simplifies overall management processes and makes it easier to anticipate all-important maintenance and service needs.

The first field implementation of YIT’s StationControl has involved the SEO chain. The 24/7 features of the system and the services offered by YIT’s Remote Monitoring Centre have been well-received by SEO, as they make it much easier to monitor outlets that are open around the clock, and avoid calling out service personnel if a problem can be handled during normal working hours.

Driven by YIT ’s Niagara platform

Modern premises are capable of generating a wide range of data on parameters such as local operating conditions and energy consumption. Being able to manage this information easily and efficiently through YIT’s browser- and SQL-based Niagara platform provides owners with an excellent resource, and is why it lies at the heart of StationControl.

YIT’s Niagara platform has been designed around industry standards to provide the different groups of users involved in owning, managing, and using buildings with the information they need in the most appropriate format for their requirements.

Building owners often have fully computerised maintenance and premises systems today, and the YIT system uses standard XML protocols to transfer reports on alarms, maintenance measures, and energy consumption to these systems. Building management and maintenance companies are often linked into these systems, or can be provided with
a separate feed from the relevant database, or can access a building automation system via the Internet. Alarms can be communicated to maintenance personnel directly via SMS messages or e-mail.

SEO service stations have been the first to benefit from the advantages offered by StationControl.

End-to-end services

YIT offers technical infrastructure investment and upkeep services for the property and construction sector, industry, and telecommunications across the entire life cycle of projects. The company operates in the Nordic region, the Baltic countries, Russia, and Central Europe, and had net sales of €3.9 billion in 2008, and employs close to 26,000 people.

Operations are divided into three business segments: Building and Industrial Services, Construction Services Finland, and International Construction Services.

YIT Building and Industrial Services provides end-to-end building system services and systems that cover: property maintenance and facility management, telecommunications technology, industrial services and system deliveries, and building equipment systems, such as sprinklers, HEPACE (heating, plumbing, airconditioning and electricity) and automation, access control and security, as well as design, contracting, maintenance, and servicing.

> Antti Riikonen
(Published in HighTech Finland 2009)