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Bluegiga Technologies is the world’s leading provider of Bluetooth-based access solutions and Bluetooth OEM modules. These are supplied to manufacturers, teleoperators, and system integrators worldwide.
Bluegiga Technologies Oy

Bluegiga provides Bluetooth-based wireless solutions that meet high quality standards and are secure, cost-efficient, easy-to-integrate, and simple to use. Leading vendors in medical, logistics, Bluetooth marketing, and point-ofsale segments utilise Bluegiga for its power-efficient, compact modules, which have an exceptionally long life-span, and its access solutions for ‘unwiring’ their products and systems.

Bluegiga’s family of OEM modules offers device manufactures an extremely compact and costefficient way to incorporate Bluetooth technology into new or existing products. A wide range of different modules are available in Class 2 versions with a 10-metre range and Class 1 versions with a 100-metre range, and are completely integrated with antennas, comprehensive protocol stacks, all major standard firmware options, and the certifications needed for end-product use.

Modules are equipped with Bluegiga iWRAP firmware, including a full Bluetooth protocol stack. This means that customers’ product development teams do not have to spend time or money on complex Bluetooth protocol engineering/RF designs of their own, and can simply add secure and strong wireless communication links into their products.

An ongoing hardware and development programme since 2001 has allowed Bluegiga’s Access Servers and Access Points to offer advanced capabilities at reasonable cost. Tested under heavy traffic conditions, Bluegiga’s Access Servers are secure, cost-efficient, easy to integrate, and simple to use. Bluegiga’s customer support and integration services complete the company’s one-stop turnkey offering.

This expertise has seen numerous companies in health care, the automotive sector, industry, and proximity marketing adopt Bluegiga’s powerefficient, compact Bluetooth modules and access solutions to unwire their products and systems.

Bluegiga’s Bluetooth-based wireless solutions have a reputation for being secure, cost-efficient, easy to integrate, and simple to use. One of the products to benefit is Polar Electro’s Team2 system, seen here.

Health care has been one of the focal areas of Bluegiga’s application efforts. The company has contributed to the international Bluetooth Health Device Profile by designing custom modules and Access Servers for the medical sector.
One of those to utilise this technology has been Polar Electro, a market leader in wristband heart rate monitors. Their Team2 system, which can monitor the heart rate of
28 players simultaneously in real time, uses a base station equipped with Bluegiga’s PCB2294 Access Server and Class 1, WT11-A-AI Bluetooth modules that can handle information from distances in excess of 100 metres.

The flexibility of the Team2 group heart monitoring system allows teams to monitor each player via laptops, PDAs, and wrist units and develop ongoing training programmes covering both group and individual performance targets.

> Tom Nordman
(Published in HighTech Finland 2009)