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You can only really manage what you can measure

BaseN’s industrial-strength Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) suite is setting the standard for measuring, monitoring, storing, analysing, displaying, and reporting information in public and private infrastructures around the globe.
BaseN Corporation

Powered by advanced grid computing technologies, the BaseN Platform provides customers of all sizes with a highly reliable and cost-effective operating environment capable of dealing with enormous amounts of data in real time. BaseN technology can handle millions of measurements a minute and provides the capacity needed for processing complex correlation and visualisation algorithms.

Users include telecommunications operators, which have deployed it as a super middleware solution, and enterprises that use it to enforce SLAs in corporate IT networks. The platform is also making inroads into online, high-granularity energy, CO2 emission, and environmental metering.

The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model allows customers to utilise the BaseN Platform without large investments in infrastructure or software licenses. Unlike traditional concepts, the platform is also quick to implement, easy to integrate, and extremely scalable.

Promoting energy awareness

Although the BaseN Platform was originally developed for communications network monitoring, the ability to integrate it with the skyrocketing numbers of sensors and other measurement devices used for general infrastructure monitoring opens up new possibilities for using it in the utility sector and building automation.

Giving users access to precise, real-time data on energy consumption is seen by BaseN as an important way of helping mitigate climate change, as this data can increase energy awareness and encourages energy saving. Based on this premise, BaseN has created the BaseN Environmental Awareness Technologies (BEAT) toolbox to measure energy, gas, and water consumption.

BEAT enables companies or individual consumers to monitor their energy consumption via real-time, web-based visualisations. Thanks to its Grid architecture, BEAT offers a fast and cost-effective service for conducting large-scale energy and environmental measurements; and substantial economies of scale can be achieved in rolling out and maintaining a service.

A large-scale pilot programme based on the BEAT concept and extending to thousands of European homes and offices is due to start in 2009, paving the way for millions of households in the near future.

BaseN technology is capable of handling millions of measurements a minute, making it an ideal tool for helping people and organisations measure their energy usage and save on their energy costs. Mobile phones are perfect for giving them a snapshot of the situation.
> Pasi Hurri
(Published in HighTech Finland 2009)