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Cutting through the toughest rock

Established over 20 years ago, Robit Rocktools is a manufacturer of high-quality rock and ground drilling tools for construction, mining, and quarrying. Customers using the company’s signature white drill bits and other products can be found in more than 50 countries around the world today.
Robit Rocktools Ltd.

Robit Rocktools’ product development effort is focused on securing the latest and the best technical solutions for the world’s toughest rock conditions and most powerful rock drills. Using top-quality Scandinavian steel and homogenous tungsten carbide, Robit’s drill bits can stand up to the roughest treatment from abrasive rock, modern percussion drills, and the sandblasting effect produced by flushing.

Robit uses modern 3D computer-aided design (CAD) systems to match the design of its bits to the needs of its customers, and works closely with key customers to keep its designs as innovative as possible.

A highly specified metal structure, combined with Robit’s unique fluidised bed heat treatment system, gives superior body wear resistance. Thanks to being both oil- and liquid-free, the system is also environmentally friendly, as is Robit’s unique aluminium dioxide cooling system.

Bit bodies are produced on advanced CNC machining centres for consistent high quality. As Robit believes that drilling the button holes on bit faces is the most demanding part of the bit manufacturing process, it has developed machining centres specifically for this purpose. These are capable of drilling to an accuracy of better than 0.002 mm to give enhanced button retention and stability, and longer overall bit lifetimes.

Rigorous quality control routines are used throughout to measure the hardness of bit bodies, and electronic microscopic analysis to check the tungsten carbide used in Robit’s buttons.

Industry-leading products

Robit Rocktools’ offering covers the complete range of drilling and blasting applications in the construction, quarrying, and mining industries.

Mining and tunnelling are two of the most important segments for Robit bits, and its products cover applications such as drifting, cuthole, bolthole, and production drilling very comprehensively. Threaded button bits are available for mining, tunnelling, quarrying, bench drilling, and dimensional stone production needs.

The company’s ground drilling tools are similarly comprehensive, and cover forepoling, anchoring, piling, horizontal drilling, water and thermal well drilling, soil investigation and monitoring, and underwater drilling.

Robit’s advanced casing systems, featuring patented automatic spiral locking, play a key role here – in the RoX drilling system for example, which is ideal for forepoling, used to strengthen the roofs of tunnels in broken rock formations. Robit casing systems allow casing tubes to be drilled easily at relatively low torque.

Robit Rocktools’ button bits have established a very solid reputation, and the latest HT series offers even better durability and penetration rates, and straighter holes.
> Jussi Rautiainen
(Published in HighTech Finland 2008)