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Groundbreaking intelligent packaging solution for pharmaceuticals

Stora Enso is one of the world’s leading producers of packaging board and paper, and its Pharmaceutical Solutions business is dedicated to offering new, fibre-based packaging concepts tailored to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. A groundbreaking intelligent solution to help patients take their medications properly has been a recent highlight.
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Stora Enso Pharma DDSi – as the product is known – is a compliance-monitoring solution based on a new carton incorporating an embedded microchip. Stora Enso is the first company to use Cypak’s new single microchip solution in a pharmaceuticals application in this way.

Pharma DDSi makes it possible to create intelligent packaging at reasonable cost and in high volumes, opening up the way for the global use of intelligent pharmaceutical cartons. This marks a clear contrast with existing solutions, which are based on large electronic modules and have only been used for small-volume pilots.

Stora Enso Pharma DDSi is based on a new carton with an embedded microchip.

benefits for everyone

The Pharma DDSi carton records the precise time and date when a tablet is removed from a package. By pressing an answer key embedded in the carton, a patient can record how he or she feels and how they are responding to their treatment. The carton can also include a beeper to remind people to take their medication.

The Pharma DDSi solution includes an easy-to-use reader that converts data from cartons for onward processing on a PC. Paving the way for mobile compliance solutions, Pharma DDSi is compatible with the latest mobile technology, and enables functions such as electronic medication diaries or SMS reminders to be implemented.

Efficient compliance monitoring is in growing demand for many reasons – not least because too many lives are lost or endangered due to non-compliance and billions of dollars are spent on treatment in vain. Pharmaceutical companies are also facing increasing pressure to generate more data on the efficacy of their drugs to extend their life cycle.

The Pharma DDSi carton records the precise time and date when a tablet is removed. A reader converts this data for onward processing on a PC.

New solutions are very much needed as a result to monitor compliance effectively and economically, and Stora Enso Pharma DDSi will probably be first used in a clinical trial or for delivering an enhanced package for a drug that requires high compliance and compliance monitoring.

PackAgent Compliance monitoring software from Stora Enso and Trackway enables packaging to be tracked very effectively and makes it possible to capture compliance data and share it with all the relevant parties. Together with item-level product identification, the software can be used for product authentication, tracking, and tracing; and the tracking history that PackAgent generates can be used for electronic pedigrees.

> Ismo Saarinen
(Published in HighTech Finland 2008)