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It’s as simple as pointing

Winfomedia believes it has a major new dimension to offer to outdoor advertising and accessibility in the shape of its WINFO™ interactive digital solutions. A new type of touch-free, pointing-based screen navigation lies at the heart of the concept.

Winfomedia’s WINFO™ technology combines LCD or other screens with patent-pending sensors and PC-based content and content management software to offer the interactivity of a touchscreen without users actually having to touch anything.

Instead of physically touching a screen that could be dirty or wet, all users have to do is press virtual 3D buttons or icons – in other words, simply point at the services or information they need.

A WINFO™ system can be installed behind a shop window or other glass housing inside or out, and can display any form of digital content through any type of screen technology. WINFO™ sensors operate equally well with laminated, thermal, anti-glare, or IR-protected glass – enabling information providers to protect their terminals not only against the elements more effectively, but also against vandalism.

Despite their many advantages, WINFO™ units are competitively priced compared to touchscreens – and are ideal for displaying a very wide range of information and marketing material.

More content at more locations more of the time

WINFO™ interactive displays are ideal both as sources of information and as marketing tools. Digital interactive content can be located wherever it is needed and accessed at any time of the day the system is online. Displays can be used to advertise the latest special offers, tonight’s concerts, or other events – or to let users access information on an area’s restaurants and places of interest.

Thanks to the intelligent software employed, users’ choices can be automatically registered in a database and passed on to providers to ensure more effective content in the future.

While providing ‘new-style’ features such as a touch-free interface, a WINFO™ system also offers the ‘old-style’ benefits of low start-up and operating costs, as the technology can use any display, PC, or content – making it perfect for bringing information to more locations and more people more of the time.

Point yourself to the latest music

WINFO™ technology was first launched as part of an imaginative marketing campaign by telecoms operator Elisa at the end of 2006. Screens were installed at tram stops in Helsinki to introduce passers-by to the company’s new Elisa Jukeboksi online music store. The campaign kick-started the new service selling music downloads for people’s mobile phones and computers, and attracted a lot of attention as a groundbreaking new form of interactive outdoor advertising.

WINFO™ displays were also installed during the Eurovision Song Contest, held in Helsinki in May 2007, at the Eurovision press centre and around the city – to provide visitors with multilingual information on the contest itself, restaurants, places of interest, Finnish design, and other subjects.

> Eija Toiviainen
(Published in HighTech Finland 2008)