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Smoother logistics, better performance

Sesca’s Fleetlogis® offers transport companies and distributors a new standard in planning, operating, and monitoring their logistics, and one that is cost-effective to implement and run. The system is currently used to manage almost 3,000 tonnes of food and non-food deliveries a day by more than 350 vehicles.

The Sesca Group’s Fleetlogis® solution offers a comprehensive range of software tools for transport resource planning and coordinating and monitoring operations – providing a virtually real-time tracking capability for vehicles, personnel, and goods. Equally suitable for transport companies, warehouse operators, industry, and distributors, Fleetlogis® represents a true advance in logistics.

The largest customer to use the product to date is Tuko Logistics, Finland’s third-largest distributor of food and non-food products, which delivers some 1,500 tonnes of products a day from 13 terminals with the help of Fleetlogis®.

Improved performance

Swanline, a temperature-controlled transport and storage company, is another company to have benefited from Fleetlogis®.

The patented Fleetlogis® system sets a new standard in logistics management – improving overall productivity, reducing fuel consumption, and enabling companies to make better use of their fleet and their other resources.

The decisive factor in making Fleetlogis® such a powerful tool is its use of GRPS/3G/WLAN technology, as this allows vehicles to become an integral part of site-based IT systems and eliminates the paperwork that accompanied earlier GSM- and SMS-based systems.

All the trucks in the Swanline fleet are fitted with an on-board, Fleetlogis®-equipped computer, which accesses information such as trailer temperature over a Bluetooth connection and provides drivers – and office personnel – with data on location, work orders, and schedules.

Automatic reports are generated on schedules, hours worked, transport temperatures, capacity utilisation, and pallet usage. The system also helps drivers drive more economically by providing an overview of fuel usage with the help of data from a vehicle’s CAN bus and an on-board sensor unit. This is a real plus, as Swanline’s trucks, and those of its partners also fitted with the Fleetlogis® system, cover up to 200,000 kilometres a year and are on the road for up to 20 hours a day.

Fleetlogis® supply chain management

  • Eliminates paper documentation, such as delivery orders and invoices
  • Produces reports comparing actual and planned performance, and summaries detailing profit and efficiency
  • Last-minute changes can be made to delivery schedules, and trucks can be used as mobile warehouses to optimise just-on-time deliveries and warehouse usage
  • Temperature-controlled deliveries benefit from a guaranteed cold chain
  • Fast and reliable communications channel between drivers and logistics centres improves resource availability
  • Enhanced driver and vehicle safety and fuel economy
  • Automatic generation of figures on greenhouse gas emissions
  • Rapid rollout, ease of use, and low operating costs mean rapid payback.
> Jouni Heikkinen
(Published in HighTech Finland 2008)