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Local solutions in a wireless world

Networks based on SATEL radio modem technology are flexible, easy to expand, and can cover a wide variety of applications where other means of communication would be costly or impossible to set up.

SATEL’s radio modems are ideal for wireless real-time data transfer in everything from simple point-to-point connections to multipoint solutions utilising thousands of modems. With a range of up to tens of kilometres, which can increased by using repeater stations, setting up a reliable, flexible, and operator-free radio network with SATEL technology is easy and cost-effective.

Thanks to a highly innovative product development team, SATEL offers the world’s widest selection of radio modems, and they are used in a very wide range of applications – from monitoring and control applications at airports to internal data transfer networks at industrial plants and in urban environments for monitoring and controlling traffic flows.

In the latter area, for example, SATELLINE® radio modems have proved very effective for creating citywide alarm transfer networks and traffic monitoring systems, to enable public transport systems run more smoothly and provide accurate timetable information at bus stops.

SATEL products can be found wherever reliable data transfer is a number-one priority.

The real-time positioning made possible by SATELLINE® radio modems means that data can also be relayed from cargo containers at terminals or on the road to enhance the operation of harbours, airports, and large industrial warehouses.

SATEL’s radio modems are also ideal for controlling buoy and channel lights and beacons at busy ports 24/7, and can send status and diagnostics data to a control centre, helping ensure that port authorities remain on top of their systems and can repair malfunctions rapidly.

Making remote locations less remote

Radio modems are particularly valuable in remote locations where landline connections are either impossible or costly to install and maintain, such as weather monitoring stations. SATELLINE® units have low power consumption and can transfer data over long distances, making them an excellent choice here.

Even the best alarm system can be next to useless if alarm status information cannot be received reliably, and SATEL radio modems can often be found in these applications as well, keeping locations secure and people safe.

Radio modems equipped with an auxiliary power supply can be very useful in the energy sector too, should conventional networks fail, and SATELLINE®-powered systems are being used in increasing numbers for grid monitoring, automated meter reading, and the remote monitoring of wind farms. Radio modem-based remote control and monitoring is also a growing feature of operations at modern waterworks and wastewater treatment plants.

  • SATELLINE® radio modems provide an easy and economic way of setting up local area data communication networks
  • SATELLINK® is designed for the transparent transfer of contact information or analogue signals between locations using SATELLINE radio modems
  • SATEL® Quick Start products include the SATEL M2M package with license-free radio modems
  • SATELCODE® transmitters and SATELNODE® receivers for the one-way wireless transfer of alarm data.
> Arja Vainio
(Published in HighTech Finland 2008)