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Smart surface solutions

DIARC-Technology’s amorphous diamond, nanocomposite, and metal thin-film coatings – manufactured using the unique DIARC® Vacuum Coating method – offer a range of smart solutions that offer enhanced surface properties and better performance from tools and components.
DIARC-Technology Inc.

DIARC-Technology’s coatings range from super low-friction and high wear-resistant diamond coatings for tools and components to functional nanocomposite coatings and special metal coatings for decorative or functional purposes. These smart surfaces not only improve efficiency and performance, but also reduce the wear and tear of mechanical parts and give a highly attractive appearance to consumer and other products.

DIARC’s technology can enhance the properties of a wide variety of surfaces, including metals, plastics, and ceramics. Applications range from the surfaces of the graphite tiles used in fusion reactors to those of electronic components and mechanical parts.

DIARC’s nanocomposite carbon coatings and amorphous metal and multilayer coatings can be tailored to give high thermal conductivity, hydrophilicity, or antistatic properties – or provide ESD or EMC protection, diffusion barriers, or antibacterial and easy-clean functionality.

Dust will not adhere to an antistatic DIARC nanocomposite-coated surface.

Unique low-temperature process

DIARC’s coatings are manufactured using a unique, proprietary low-temperature deposition process that results in amorphous, flexible surfaces that can be applied to even heat-sensitive materials such as plastics. The composition and layer thickness of films can be freely selected to create surfaces with a huge range of potential properties.

DIARC ESD Nanocomposite, for example, has been designed to reduce static discharges, giving excellent protection against electronic component failure; while DIARC® Antifouling Nanocomposite keeps metal surfaces clean, preventing microbes from attaching themselves to stainless steel surfaces, something that is excellent for applications in both industry and health care.

DIARC metal coatings include high-purity metal and multilayer films, as well as alloy structures, and the technology is a cost-effective method for depositing precious metals such as silver, gold, palladium, and platinum.

The hydrogen-free, ta-C structure of amorphous DIARC diamond coatings ensures that oil molecules adhere to coated surfaces very well, resulting in extremely low friction under minimal lubrication conditions. Together with excellent wear resistance, this makes these coatings ideal for precision tools and components in engines or hydraulic systems, bearings, guides, and sealing surfaces.

Due to the low deposition temperature used in the DIARC process, coatings can be applied to all types of metal substrates, as well as ceramic materials and even plastics. High-precision components can be coated without causing residual stresses or altering their tolerances or structures.
> Tapani Haikola
(Published in HighTech Finland 2008)