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Integrating HR and IT

SAIMASOFT’s HR management systems have been designed to enable companies to run their human resource services more efficiently, faster, and with a higher degree of inbuilt automation.

Drawing on the human resource expertise of recruitment and temporary staffing services and marketing communications companies, SAIMAPEOPLE and SAIMAMEDIA, SAIMASOFT has created a broad-based HR software product family – including systems for recruitment, competence management, and administering working hours and extra work.

SAIMASOFT has also developed SAIMA SPS, an operational management system, to facilitate and enhance the activities of personnel service companies and save on resource- and time-related costs.

Accessible via the Internet, like all SAIMA systems, SAIMA SPS includes modules for recruitment, administering temporary personnel, customer relationship management, and logging numbers of hours worked. The system enables customer accounts, assignments, and job applications to be managed centrally – anywhere, any time.

As an ASP (Application Service Provisioning) product, customers only need to lease the modules they need. As their needs change, they can add more modules for the combination that suits their needs best. This approach eliminates conventional hardware and software costs, and outsources maintenance costs as well.

Systems transfer everyday routines online, to speed up and improve the overall quality of service offered to internal and external customers and applicants, and provide an overall system framework for day-to-day operations.

Innovating new products and services

In addition to its state-of-the-art software products, SAIMA is also pioneering the integration of HR services and IT solutions into new, innovative service packages.

The new SAIMA HR service enables customers to outsource a flexible range of resources, and makes use of a recruitment and/or competence management tool shared by customers with SAIMA. The level of service commissioned by the customer can vary all the way from processing open applications to taking recruitment decisions and resource planning.

For meeting unexpected or urgent resource deficits – without lots of time-consuming telephone calls and manually managing employees’ availability information – customers can use SAIMA’s new fast and easy extra work management system.

This enables an employer to simply search the system database for suitable employees and call them up via text messages; and employees can accept or decline by SMS as well.

Like SAIMA’s other initiatives, this type of innovative integration of professional HR services and leading-edge IT solutions marks a clear break with traditional temporary staffing services or IT solutions.

Customers can deploy SAIMA software in modules, as their needs develops by taking advantage of Application Service Provisioning (ASP).
> Hanna Kaske
(Published in HighTech Finland 2008)