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Keeping a check on your blood sugar has never been easier

Mendor’s revolutionary, easy-to-use, all-in-one blood glucose meter is transforming the way people manage their diabetes – and making it much easier for them to monitor blood glucose levels effectively, unobtrusively, and very accurately.

Diabetes is an increasingly common disease and accounts for a growing proportion of health care costs, particularly in the Western world. Self-care still plays a small role, however, despite the clear evidence that active self-care and support can be very useful in improving the quality of life of people with the disease, as well as reducing complications and care costs.

One of the main problems is that many people with diabetes do not carry out daily testing. Some only test when they suspect hypo/hyperglycaemia, for example, and many more fail to do so because they do not find their current meters easy to use.

Mendor’s mission has been to change this. Founded by a small group of students, Mendor’s team today includes some of the leading Finnish experts in the medical and diagnostic fields, as well as a number of international experts.

Make it simple…

Their solution is the Mendor DISCREET™. The first all-in-one unit of its type, the Mendor DISCREET™ incorporates everything the user needs – a meter, a lancing device, and a pack of test strips. And all contained in a package roughly the size of an iPod that easily slips into a pocket or purse.

With an internal cassette of 25 test strips, the Mendor DISCREET™ can be used for several days before having to be reloaded. The cassette also eliminates the need to handle individual test strips; each strip is loaded internally and can be pulled out and disposed of once a measurement has been taken.

Without the hassle of separate components, anyone can quickly and easily measure their blood sugar level wherever they happen to be – at school or in a cafĂ©, for example. Designed to draw as little attention to itself or the user as possible, the Mendor DISCREET™ is perfect for reducing or eliminating the inconvenience and social pressure many people experience when measuring their blood glucose levels in public.

…and make it effective

To supplement the Mendor DISCREET™, Mendor has developed a Web-based application to encourage people to make more of their device and understand more about what they are measuring.

The Mendor DISCREET™ provides the user with everything they need for testing blood glucose levels in a compact unit that fits conveniently in the palm of your hand or your pocket, according to the company’s CEO and Co-Founder, Kristian Ranta. Photo: Peter Herring
Capable of being used anywhere as it requires no installation, the program can help people switch from random measurements to more regular ones. All users need to do is connect their Mendor DISCREET™ to their laptop or computer via a USB lead and upload their measurement data for analysis.

Known as Mendor BALANCE™, the program presents the results of measurements in an easy-to-understand format that enables people to quickly see how their blood sugar levels vary during the day and respond to changes in therapy or daily routines. It is also the first stepby- step software to utilise pair measurements, before and after meals and sleep for example.

Physicians and other health care professionals can use the summary produced by Mendor BALANCE™ to gain a quick overview of a patient’s situation, identify problems in glucose levels, and establish average glucose curves.

> Kristian Ranta
(Published in HighTech Finland 2013)