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Better piling

High-quality piling products are essential to producing high-quality concrete piles. They also need to offer a competitive edge in terms of getting the job done efficiently, reliably, and cost-effectively. Just like Emeca’s products do, in fact.

The key to Emeca’s success has been that it not only produces innovative piling products, but also maintains an ambitious programme of product development. An in-house effort, this has helped the company build up an extensive body of industry-leading expertise and experience.

The core of Emeca’s expertise lies in steel components for the piles used in foundations, and its product range today includes joints for reinforced concrete piles, rock points, pile shoes, and a range of other accessories. All are of the highest quality and fully type-tested.

The top seller

Emeca’s top-selling product is its sturdy, easy-toinstall pile joint, which was developed in close cooperation with piling specialists and can be used with all types of concrete piles. Thorough testing and field experience have shown that the joint is excellent at transmitting the downward force of the pile hammer and maintaining the integrity of long piling runs. As a result, smaller piles can often be used to provide the same level of strength offered by larger conventional solutions.

The patented locking joint in Emeca’s pile joint guarantees a secure and very firm connection. Thanks to its smart design, ice cannot build up in the locking housing and prevent the locking pin from being driven in all the way, for example. The joint is locked at all four corners by a casting guide, which ensures that the joint remains straight and provides the required level of pre-tightening throughout.

An added advantage of the design is that it can easily be opened. If a lower pile reaches the necessary load-bearing capacity earlier than expected, the upper pile can simply be removed and re-used elsewhere on a site, helping keeping costs in check.

By developing and supplying products that make a real difference out in the field, Emeca believes it can continue to lead in better piling.
A successful seller internationally, Emeca’s pile joint has proved particularly attractive to the construction industry in the US, and a local company, Emeca/SPE USA – set up in cooperation with Emeca – now has a patent pending for Emeca products in North, Central, and South America – and manufactures them at an automated, stateof- the-art facility in Delaware, the first of its kind in the US. This has seen Emeca pile joints used on a broad range of sites, from tank farms and shipyards to hospitals and parking garages.

It doesn’t stop there either

For sites where piling has to be carried out in boulder-filled ground or a pile driven down to the bedrock, Emeca’s rock point offers a very sturdy solution for protecting a pile from breaking. In soft soil, contractors can fit an Emeca pile shoe to reinforce the bottom of their piles against shocks during driving. Emeca driving plates, for their part, improve the overall quality of piling work, simplify the process, and protect the locking elements of the joint.

To meet the needs of piling manufacturers, Emeca supplies various casting tools. These include a tool that tightens joints at a 90° angle in relation to the longitudinal axis of a pile; one that guides rock points in the same direction as a pile’s axis; and another for driving heads that ensures the straightness of the pile head and shapes it correctly. Customised casting tools can also be supplied for special needs.

> Petri Koivunen
(Published in HighTech Finland 2013)