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Unbeatable hydraulic performance

DYNASET is the world’s leading manufacturer of hydraulic generators, power washers, and air compressors today – with compact designs that offer an unbeatable power-to-size ratio and save users time, effort, and money.

The innovative thinking behind DYNASET’s technology is to offer a range of maintenanceand emission-free equipment that runs without the need for any additional engines or fuel. It does this by drawing power from the hydraulic system of machines such as excavators, tractors, fire engines, harvesters, and trucks and transforming it very efficiently into electricity, high-pressure water, compressed air, magnetism, and vibration.

This approach enables customers to use their existing machines in a wider variety of projects and increase their overall productivity and efficiency compared to normal usage.

DYNASET’s units offer an unbeatable power-to-size ratio and are up to four times smaller than alternative, similarly rated products. The DYNASET HWG200 Hydraulic Welding Generator, for example, is the world’s smallest and lightest unit of its type, yet still capable of providing plenty of welding power and high-quality auxiliary electricity. The tiny HPW200 power washer, for its part, which is no bigger than a standard brick, can generate up to 200 bars of pressure and spray 30 litres of water per minute, which is phenomenal for a unit in its league.

DYNASET’s hydraulic generators can be connected to any type of hydraulic system easily and reliably and operate simultaneously with other hydraulic equipment. As a result, they can provide on-site electricity for power tools and appliances, work lights, pumps, and air-conditioning units. They guarantee stable voltage and frequency, regardless of whether a truck or boat engine is idling or running at full speed, and are ideal as compact power supplies for things such as temperature-controlled containers and on-board electricity. Other solutions are available for hydraulic magnet generators.

Compact and lightweight

DYNASET improves the productivity, efficiency, and versatility of its customers’ mobile machinery with a wide range of hydraulically powered add-on equipment – such as this self-contained hydraulic magnet.
The patented construction of DYNASET’s highpressure hydraulic pumps results in excellent durability and guarantees a steady flow of liquid at high pressure for use in multiple applications, such as street washing, pipe cleaning, dust suppression, hydroscaling, fire fighting, and fluid pumping drilling.

Thanks to their compact and lightweight design, DYNASET’s hydraulic piston and rotary vane compressors are also perfect for replacing old-fashioned towed compressor units and providing troublefree compressed air for pneumatic tools, air flushing, filling tyres, and similar needs.

DYNASET’s advanced know-how in using hydraulics as a power source enables it to offer multiple additional solutions, such as hydraulic grinders, winches, power packs, and installation valves.

An international success story

The high quality and innovative nature of DYNASET’s products have won the company numerous customers in more than 50 countries. Around 90% of output is exported: 70% directly and 20% through other manufacturers’ products featuring DYNASET equipment.

Russia and France are among the markets into which DYNASET has expanded recently. Whatever the market, the added value, productivity, and versatility of DYNASET’s equipment offer excellent solutions.

(Published in HighTech Finland 2013)