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We simulate it, so you can live it

Drawing on some really quite unique expertise in real-time simulation and virtual engineering, MeVEA offers a range of solutions for improving product development and user training based on highly immersive virtual reality environments.

Established less than 10 years ago as a university spin-off, MeVEA has quickly developed into a world-class player in the simulator field, offering industry-leading solutions for multi-body dynamics and realtime simulation. In fact, MeVEA is one of the few companies anywhere capable of simulating dynamics, hydraulics, power transmission, and operating environments simultaneously and in real time.

Intensive R&D has resulted in a unique engine that can simulate dynamic behaviour more accurately than virtually any other software. This accuracy has become MeVEA’s major selling point, as many customers, such as machine manufacturers, appreciate the benefits that it offers in areas such as developing new machines and testing new features. Being able to do this in a no-compromise virtual environment reduces the need for physical prototypes and results in much faster time-to-market.

In addition to accuracy, MeVEA’s technology is also versatile and can be used to address a very wide range of simulation-related challenges. The company’s current focus is on two main product lines: R&D simulators for use in product development projects and simulators for training machine drivers and operators. Solutions have been supplied to a range of customers – in areas such as mining and forestry machine manufacturing, cargo handling, and construction – as well as to universities and training centres. A number of well-known names in Finnish manufacturing have chosen MeVEA for their simulation needs, and the company is now looking to leverage this base to acquire a stronger position internationally.

If you have to crash, do it virtually

MeVEA’s simulators enable trainees to acquire a very strong skill-set before making the jump into real-life operating environments, whether that environment is in mining, construction, forestry, or logistics. The accuracy of the experience offered by MeVEA’s simulators provides trainees with a very realistic introduction to what it will feel like in a real machine in a real forest or mine.

The unique features of MeVEA’s software have resulted in industry-leading levels of simulator accuracy and made the company’s solutions very attractive to a growing range of users.
Training on a MeVEA simulator – a full mission solution, a compact, armchair one, or a desktop one – is highly efficient, both in terms of developing people’s capabilities and the potential cost savings on offer. As everything takes place in a virtual environment, no one can hurt themselves, other people, or anything around them. Trainees can simply push the restart button if they find themselves about to crash! Simulator training also does not tie up real machines that would otherwise have to be sidelined from normal operations during training.

MeVEA’s training simulators have proved increasingly popular as a result, by enabling customers to train operators faster and at lower cost compared to more conventional approaches, while at the same time ensuring that they really do have the skills and safety awareness that they will need in the real world.

> Olli Aho
(Published in HighTech Finland 2013)