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True sector-specific added value
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True sector-specific added value

When developing ERP and financial management information systems for its customers in the commercial, logistics, industrial, and public sectors, Solteq always aims to provide the best solution for their needs – drawing on its extensive know-how in a wide range of software technology.

As a well-established software solutions company with over 30 years in the field, Solteq offers a comprehensive range of operational and financial control services for customers in the retail, logistics, industrial, and public sectors.

Today in fact, Solteq offers the broadest portfolio of retail and service industry software services available on the Finnish market. The company’s business extends far beyond Finland, however, as it now has customers in around 20 countries.

Long-term partnerships

Long-term partnerships – together with technology from some of the world’s leading software companies, such as Microsoft – are seen as central to everything from optimising customers’ entire supply chains to managing their consumer and customer data and helping them drive their operations as efficiently and profitably as possible.

Solteq complements its core offering with solutions for a number of specialised retail management, maintenance, and service management needs, as well as for quality improvement and master data management.

The Solax advantage

One of Solteq’s latest advances has been a vertical asset management solution based on the Microsoft Dynamics AX system platform, the first of its type in Finland.

“We are very enthusiastic about the potential that Solax offers as a vertical solution in the Dynamics AX world, particularly in the maintenance and asset management area,” says Solteq’s CEO, Repe Harmanen.
Microsoft Dynamics AX offers a user-friendly, business operations-oriented framework for financial management and customer and supply chain management for large and medium-sized with an interface that shares much in common with other Microsoft products. Solteq has taken the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics AX – particularly its role-based structure and transparent approach to planning, managing, monitoring, and analysing operations – and developed its own industry application, Solax.

Solax is designed to offer a basic set of ER P functions addressing the needs of today’s world, where many plants have either already outsourced their maintenance needs, are in the process of doing so, or plan to do so. Tailored to the needs of production owners, maintenance and after-sale service companies, and equipment and service providers, Solax can be implemented very flexibly: as an independent stand-alone system, as a module in a more extensive Microsoft Dynamics AX-based architecture of vertical solutions, or integrated into another ERP system.

By avoiding the more traditional approach of coding everything from scratch and instead using the Microsoft Dynamics AX environment for its basic functionality, Solteq believes that Solax provides true sector-specific added value while reducing long-term platform costs for the customer.

Solteq is very enthusiastic about the potential that Solax offers as a vertical solution in the Dynamics AX world, and is aiming to become the leading Dynamics provider in the maintenance and asset management area, not only in Finland, but also further afield.

More efficient wholesaling and retailing

Another sector to have benefited from Solteq’s expertise is wholesaling and retailing. Solteq has built up extensive experience in the special needs of this sector and combines this with the latest technology and the expertise of more than 100 in-house experts in the field.

Solteq has launched a series of solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail tailored to the needs of speciality retailers selling hardware, white goods, home electronics, clothing, and sports goods that opens up new opportunities for more closely integrating customer data with overall system operations.

Drawing on technology from some of the world’s leading companies and its own expertise and experience, Solteq helps its customers manage their businesses more efficiently and improve their profitability.
This is being offered as part of Solteq’s broader 1-2-1 Retail product family, the company’s next-generation technology aimed at bringing more customer-specific features in terms of services, pricing, and communications to the retail sector.

Solteq systems already help make operations more efficient and allow stores to serve customers more flexibly by automating their supply chain information processing and helping them plan, manage, and monitor their dayto- day operations more effectively.

Using a Solteq system package, a store chain can increase the reliability of its deliveries, increase inventory turnover, and improve the predictability of operations, while ensuring that individual stores always have the right products on the shelves at the right time and at the right price. Solteq’s store chain systems are also highly scalable, enabling them to be easily expanded as operations expand.

> Matti Saastamoinen & Mika Sipilä
(Published in HighTech Finland 2013)