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Heavy-duty conditions call for heavy-duty solutions

Need someone to design and produce a radiator solution for a heavy-duty off-road vehicle, truck, or bus? With its advanced, next-generation CuproBraze technology-based solutions, Finnradiator could well be the partner for you.

Finnradiator has decades of experience in manufacturing radiators for the automotive industry, and in designing and manufacturing radiators for heavy-duty trucks and off-road vehicles used in construction and agriculture in particular. Today, the company is an expert in copper and aluminium radiators based on either sandwich or combicooler designs – and can offer an extensive range of water radiators, charge air coolers, oil coolers, combicoolers, complete radiator systems, and expansion tanks.

Thanks to cooperation with other companies in the field worldwide and close partnerships with its customers, together with ISO-certified manufacturing, Finnradiator can deliver solutions tailored to very specific needs. While it specialises in small runs of niche products, the scalability of its operations means that Finnradiator can offer flexibility in terms of both volume and product type as and when needed.

The CuproBraze advantage

Coolers need to be increasingly efficient and hardwearing in today’s world, following the introduction of new legislation in Europe, Japan, and the US aimed at reducing emissions from diesel engines in areas such as NOx, CO2, and particulates. Finnradiator believes that Cupro-Braze technology is an excellent choice here, and has had a dedicated CuproBraze production line in operation for a number of years now.

CuproBraze offers multiple benefits, such as greater durability at elevated temperatures, better thermal efficiency, and improved corrosion resistance – all of which makes it the technology of choice for heavy-duty applications, such as off-road vehicles, tractors, locomotives, stationary generators, heavy-duty highway trucks, and hybrid cars.

Lower life cycle costs

Finnradiator’s CuproBraze-based radiators ensure that manufacturers can achieve Euro 4 and Tier 4 emissions standards without compromising on power or having to sacrifice limited space in engine compartments. Finnradiator’s units consume less power than the alternatives, while its charge air coolers, for example, offer a simpler solution as they do not need a precooler.

Thanks to their higher tensile strength and greater heat and pressure tolerance, Finnradiator’s CuproBraze products are also more reliable, need less maintenance, and offer lower overall life cycle costs.

By using the latest technology, Finnradiator offers its customers better performance and durability under even the roughest conditions.

Cleaning is easy too, using pressurised water or air; and if a unit does need to be repaired, work can easily be carried out in the field, reducing downtime and the need to carry heavy spare part inventories.

The enhanced corrosion resistance and overall reliability provided by Finnradiator’s CuproBraze products mean that they are particularly well-suited to use in harsh conditions where radiators are likely to be subject to heavy vibration – such as mining and construction, military applications, timber harvesting, and agriculture.


> Kari Lappalainen
(Published in HighTech Finland 2013)