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Top-class ventilation for top chefs

Based on a unique approach to supply air and the use of highly efficient, easy-clean hoods and filters, Jeven’s professional kitchen ventilation equipment has built up a strong reputation. Its new TurboSwing meets the demands of even the most demanding kitchens.

Every professional kitchen is unique – in terms of its layout, the mix of appliances it is equipped with, and the food prepared there. As a result, ventilation needs vary from kitchen to kitchen, which is why Jeven offers tailor-made solutions for a very wide range of environments. Jeven’s professionals help designers choose the right hoods for the right locations and calculate the optimum airflows needed for a system to perform at its best.

Whatever their size, Jeven’s hoods are always designed to be easy to clean. Thanks to their modular design, grease filters, condensation baffles, and supply air fascias are easily removable and can be washed in a standard dishwasher.

Dealing with odour effectively

Based on a patented rotating separation plate, Jeven’s new TurboSwing needs a minimum of cleaning. Seen here installed along the ceiling of a restaurant kitchen, these units are also very cost-effective.
Excellent filtering performance has long been a key strength of Jeven’s solutions. A good grease filter can cut the amount of grease that enters ductwork significantly, reducing the risk of fire and keeping cleaning costs down.

Based on the use of centrifugal force, Jeven’s unique fire-safe JCE cyclone filters are highly effective at removing grease particles from exhaust air. Thanks to their unique construction, they always operate at a constant pressure differential and offer excellent performance, no matter how much grease builds up.

The UV Combilux is available for kitchens with particularly high odour loads. This unit cleans air in a three-step process and enables exhaust air to be fed through heat exchangers to provide additional heat for a building, a big plus in today’s world of rising energy prices. UV-lamps reduce odour levels in locations where low-odour exhaust air is a particular priority.

Premium performance

For locations that demand the highest standards of performance, Jeven has developed the TurboSwing, which features a patented, high-speed rotating separation plate capable of removing grease particles down to 2 microns in size. After trapping particles with the help of its perforated, nano-coated surface, the TurboSwing’s plate forces them at high speed to the outer edges of the unit’s chamber. Grease and other impurities drain from here into a collection tank. In line with Jeven’s commitment to low-maintenance design, this only needs to be emptied once a week at most.

The TurboSwing is ideal for energy-saving environments that employ heat recovery and varying airflows, because its separation rate remains high even when airflows are low.

A new FC control unit quickly alerts kitchen personnel to any variations between planned and actual airflows and pressure levels and activates or deactivates UV-lamps and TurboSwings automatically when ventilation starts or stops.

> Kalle Korhonen
(Published in HighTech Finland 2013)