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The power behind Smart Grid communications

Viola Systems offers a range of solutions for reliable wireless connectivity that have been deployed by industrial customers in fields extending from power distribution and oil & gas to water and traffic management and weather monitoring.

Viola Systems offers a comprehensive range of ready-to-deploy solutions for advanced Smart grids. Security and reliability are the number-one benefits of these wireless communication solutions, all of which are based on using existing public GPRS/Edge/3G networks. Viola Systems’ solutions are robust, end-to-end, and easy to set up, and provide real-time remote monitoring and control. These benefits have proved very useful for linking substations, distribution transformers, and telecommunications base stations.

Arctic AMR is Viola’s most recent product and makes any meter Smart Grid-capable, opening up the way for easy energy monitoring and automatic meter reading. Fault Location Isolation and Restoration (FlISR) is another of Viola System’s success stories.

One of the companies to have recently benefited from the increased reliability, lower operating costs, and ability to exceed regulatory performance targets offered by Viola technology is Ireland’s ESB networks. ESB selected a Viola solution for remotely operating its pole-top reclosers and switches as part of one of the largest infrastructure projects ever undertaken by a distribution company in Europe.

With field devices spread across the country, it used to take ESB’s maintenance crews up to two hours to reach a location that had developed a fault, which was both inefficient and expensive. By enabling the pole-top devices used to sectionalise the network to be monitored and operated automatically from SCADA control centres in Dublin and Cork, ESB saw that it could overcome this problem.

Thanks to Viola’s solution, ESB networks is now able to access near real-time information from its network, while cutting operating and maintenance costs significantly.

ESB Network’s pole-top automation investment represented only a small part of its entire modernisation project in financial terms, but has yielded significant operational improvements.

A winning combination of benefits

  • Complete data security
  • Two-way/bidirectional connectivity
  • Complete end-to-end solutions
  • Compatible with multiple protocols, with protocol conversion where appropriate
  • Zero installation charges, as products use existing public networks; and low operating costs
  • Fixed IP addresses for remote devices
  • Robust, industrial-grade designs for harsh and demanding environments.
> Jyrki Penttonen
(Published in HighTech Finland 2011)